Welcome to the Flour City Girl blog! I have a passion for things that are baked homemade, eaten by people I love. I hope you’ll join me as I do my best to chronicle some of the things that come out of my kitchen. I have a need to feed, if you will, so no one goes ever hungry at my house (…even if that means whipping up a tart a few minutes before friends arrive).

A little background: I’ve been baking since I was old enough to stand on a chair and hold a measuring cup. I have memories of many Saturdays spent in my grandmother’s kitchen, mixing up cookie dough, pinching pierogi, and decorating cakes together. “The Beetle,” as I call her, inspired me to all manner of tasty cooking, and I knew from a young age that it was always better if you made it yourself and if it was made with love.

My day job has me administrating and assisting, but by night and weekend, I freelance cakes and other goodies when I can, and I love to experiment with new recipes! Fortunately, my wonderful husband and friends are good guinea pigs. I hope you enjoy the recipes I share here. I will do my best to keep up posting!

bake, eat, and love.