homosexuality and the church: an online anthology

There’s been lots of talk lately about homosexuality and the  church, it seems like. I read a lot of blogs, and I’ve noticed tons more articles on the subject than normal. As such, I thought I would share these articles with you. Please note that I don’t necessary agree (or disagree, I suppose) with any stance any of these writers represent; I merely think it is interesting and important for us to be engaging viewpoints different than our own.

Is the Homosexual My Neighbor? by Tony and Peggy Campolo. This is a transcription of a talk they gave at North Park in Chicago, and is a really good read. (Found via the blog below.)

From Richard Dahlstrom, a pastor from Seattle, WA:
How to talk about homosexuality…
the foundation to answer the questions… part 1
An answer, I hope in Truth and Grace
Romans 1

From the Burnside Writer’s Blog:
Closet Cases by Jordan Green
Coming out of the Judgmental Closet by Eric Allen
“What Matters More” –Derek Webb, Stockholm Syndrome posted by Tim McGeary
Spirit in the Material World: The Science on Homosexuality by Steve Simpson (added 8/3)

From More Musings on Christianity, Homosexuality, & the Bible by Misty Irons:
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the Church

From I like guys by Steve:
Gay at Wheaton

I think that’s the whole list so far. Sorry for all the link-age there, but I seriously hope you will take some time to read all these articles, especially if this is a discussion you care about. Feel free to share comments, but please do not do so anonymously or with any kind of vitriol. You will be swiftly deleted that way.

Peace, friends.

5 thoughts on “homosexuality and the church: an online anthology

  1. Hey Anna, thanks for the list. I struggle with this because, near as I can tell, scripture tells us homosexuality is wrong. On the other hand, gay friends of mine have been badly hurt by the (mostly evangelical) church’s terrified and judgmental reaction to homosexuality. I also can’t see that my twin nephews are condemned to hell because they were pretty clearly born with some genetic or environmental predisposition to be gay. Certainly a subject which needs to be treated with grace and nuance.

  2. Hey Ken,

    Just a quick reply here, but many people are unsure that scripture actually says homosexuality is wrong. The oft-quoted verses which appear to refer to homosexuality in general may actually just refer to pederasty.

    I’ll be writing my own opinion up formally later, and I’m too busy to go into specifics now, but you can search for others’ opinions on how to justify the alternate translation and find a lot from people in various denominations.

  3. Hey Elliot,

    Yep, I’ve heard some of that, but I’d be interested in seeing it laid out in a more orderly way. What doesn’t convince me is arguments which go more or less, “we’ve been so mean to gays, now we should let them do what they want.” Doesn’t cut it. However, I do agree that the church has been massively homophobic and should recognize sins endemic to american protestantism like gossip, greed, pride, individualism (vs. community), divorce, and lots more. Homosexuality isn’t worse because it’s more icky and less accepted. It also isn’t catching, and doesn’t spread cooties.

  4. That’s not really what I meant. The basis for the interpretation isn’t feeling bad for past actions but actual language and culture study.

    That said, I’ll have to come back to explain myself later when I have more time. 🙂

  5. While in Maine, Tracey and I had dinner with an old friend of mine from high school, and her wife. We had the beginnings of a talk about homosexuality in the church, but only in that “we’re not sure how much is safe to say to each other” stage of things.

    I think I want to write a book about this: basically “Gay in Church,” with lots and lots of firsthand stories from people. It’s probably already been written, but I’ve never read anything that did it satisfactorily. Have you?

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