One week to go!

What’s up, peeps? Elliot and I are just chilling, putting some stuff together for our wedding. He’s working on our programs, and I’m working on printing out some brochures for our out-of-towners. They. look. awesome. The programs and the brochures. I’m getting really excited!

Last night was my bachelorette party, and it was hella fun, if I may say so. Fabulous mexican food and margaritas, cocktails, and more cocktails at a drag show! Finally we ended the night with a champagne toast in a certain garden in our neighborhood. It was a wonderful, awesome time! Those girls really know how to party!

So anyway, we are having a pretty exciting Saturday night. You know, all kinds of productive and stuff. Pretty soon I think we’re going to watch some West Wing and eat some Chubby Hubby. LIVING ON THE EDGE.

Next week at this time, we’ll be married folks. 🙂

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