Monday and Tuesday Tens

1. A day at home (not so thankful for the day-long headache, but what can you do?)
2. A husband who can work from home to look in on me
3. Sunshine
4. A lunchtime walk with my love
5. Mindless television
6. UPS
7. Wonderful women in my life
8. A really supportive and knowledgeable Mary Kay sales director
9. More mindless television
10. A job that lets me take sick days when I need them

1. Sushi
2. Girl-time
3. Meetings at work
4. A wonderful community of administrative assistants and coworkers
5. Web comics
6. A flower pin to cover the hole in my sweater
7. New Mary Kay makeup
8. Feeling confident that my face looked nice
9. Honesty and openness in friendship
10. Looking forward to having a baby someday

I have a pretty great life.

One thought on “Monday and Tuesday Tens

  1. I am intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

    (Seriously, though: I’m enjoying this series of posts. A helpful reminder of my own need to be thankful.)

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