Wiped Out

This week is showing me who’s boss, and I’ll tell you, the boss is not me. I am sitting at work, thinking about the days to come in my head, and trying to plan a dinner where I can use many of the ingredients that are sitting in my fridge, just waiting to be made into something delicious.

Tonight? Nope, girls’ night.

Tomorrow? Nope, gotta use the Groupon that’s about to expire.

Saturday? Nope, we’ll be rushing to a hockey game from our all-afternoon church activity, so that will probably mean hotdogs and beers.

Sunday? …Maybe? But I have a recording session all afternoon and I’m at this point just expecting to grab food with the guys at the studio and call it a night.

It’s not that I’m complaining about all the beautiful events that are taking place this week. It’s just that I feel like I need a few days to rest in between. You know? So I don’t contract all the diseases the college kids at my job are inevitably trying to give me.

So, I’m wiped. But at least work isn’t crazy. What’s got you wiped out today?

Hello again!

I forgot how much fun this was! I get to be all narcissistic because this is MY BLOG. And this is us saying hello again:

I enjoy it, even if no one else does. We’ve been doing computery things all evening, and I got into my pajamas today at 8:15! It was glorious. If it seems like we have nothing to do, we are fooling you. But an 8:15 pajama time? It was like a gift.

If you’re reading this, I hope your day has been lovely. You look great today.

i’m back?

I’ve been here all along. It’s been a hell of a few months, I’ll say that much. The new job is well, not so new anymore, and it’s again left me pining for something that feels more fulfilling. I’ve been writing a lot in my head lately, which is what made me think that perhaps I needed to do some actual writing, a little Nickel Creek in the background.

Lately I’ve been pretty wrapped up in wedding plans, the crazy traveling schedule that Elliot and I set up for ourselves, and diving head-first into my newly rediscovered love for baking. What could possibly be more simultaneously exciting and soothing than flour and sugar and butter?

After all this time trying to figure out what it is I want to do…dare I say this might be it? I can say with confidence that I never wanted to spend hours pouring over music history textbooks or even practicing in college, and now it seems I cannot get enough reading into one day. Recipes, techniques…is it because there are pictures? It helps.

Dear Lord, let this be it. First it was seminary, and then motherhood (which I’m still quite stuck on–no worries there!), but…baking. Baking…if I say it, will it be true?

I want to bake. Forever. And hopefully someday for my job.

There is so much to learn–that is one thing I am sorely aware of–but thankfully I have many guinea pig-friends who eagerly and honestly taste my convections.

*le sigh*

How can a girl be this lucky? In love with a beautiful man and feeling so blissed out in her kitchen. It feels right and lovely.

slow down, little lady

Holy macaroni, I’ve been busy lately. Last week I worked about 50 hours–half of that in only two days–and spent my one day of weekend trying to recuperate enough to get myself out of bed Monday morning.

Almost as a relief, I caught whatever cold Elliot had this week, and spent some days at home, doing laundry. It forced me to slow down, which was a blessing.

What is the balance? I seem not to have found it yet, at this point in my still-young life. I am working, I am cooking, I am cleaning, I am driving, serving, sleeping, kissing, baking, sitting, finally breathing…I am running. I am wasting time. I have little time to waste. I have so much time.

Abrupt end to this rambling post: It only takes me starting a sort of catch-up post when I remember what it is I’ve been meaning to write about, yet I never have the heart to trash the first one. More words coming soon.