slow down, little lady

Holy macaroni, I’ve been busy lately. Last week I worked about 50 hours–half of that in only two days–and spent my one day of weekend trying to recuperate enough to get myself out of bed Monday morning.

Almost as a relief, I caught whatever cold Elliot had this week, and spent some days at home, doing laundry. It forced me to slow down, which was a blessing.

What is the balance? I seem not to have found it yet, at this point in my still-young life. I am working, I am cooking, I am cleaning, I am driving, serving, sleeping, kissing, baking, sitting, finally breathing…I am running. I am wasting time. I have little time to waste. I have so much time.

Abrupt end to this rambling post: It only takes me starting a sort of catch-up post when I remember what it is I’ve been meaning to write about, yet I never have the heart to trash the first one. More words coming soon.