Pregnancy Recap – First Trimester

We are only three-ish weeks away from our little girl’s due date, so I thought I should finally post the pregnancy memories I wrote down about 2 months ago. Here are some thoughts and milestones from the first trimester:

December 28th, 2012 – After a night of throwing up every 30-60 minutes, I took a pregnancy test, and those two blessed little lines showed up. I had already taken 2 or 3 in the week before, all of which were negative, so I was expecting another negative. When I got back into the guest room where Elliot was sleeping (we were at his parents’), he rolled over and looked at me hopefully. I showed him the stick, and said something like “It’s positive, we’re having a baby!” but very quietly, since we didn’t want to wake everyone. But we were super excited!
January (weeks 5-8) – Queue the nausea! I actually didn’t throw up anymore, but the smell of most foods made me sick. I ate a lot of cereal, toast, and bagels. Carbs were about the only thing that sounded good to me, but I still managed to lose a total of 10 pounds during the first trimester. At 5 1/2 weeks, still such a tender and unsure time in a pregnancy, we told our small group so they could be with us every step of the way. I also slept A LOT. I was so tired, some days I would barely make it home from work before crashing on the couch until dinner time. Elliot was so patient and would even schedule naps into our weekend plans so I could be rested.
On the last weekend in January, Elliot’s parents and my mom and Beetle came up to visit us, and we told them the good news. We were sitting and eating lunch, and Elliot brought up holiday plans, saying that he knew it was early to talk about next holidays, but we weren’t sure how much we’d want to travel (and then I took over) because we’d have a three-month old by then. My mom grabbed me and said “Are you really…?”. I nodded and she burst into happy tears and held me. Everyone was so excited! And I was so tired! I took a long nap that afternoon. They wanted to talk about the baby so much, and I was still wrapping my head around the fact that there would be a baby. It was so nice to share it with them in person, though. The next day, we video-chatted with my dad, and called a few other friends and relatives.
February (weeks 9-12) – February was much the same as far as how I was feeling. We had our friend Bethany take some photos of us with tiny shoes and clothes to use for an announcement, which we posted on Facebook on the 8th, I think. We had just gotten the a great report from our doctor that everything looked good, and we were so ready to tell everyone about the baby! We threw our annual Groundhog Party on the 9th, which was a great party as usual, especially since we had something to celebrate!
February was also the month when I started wearing lots of leggings and skirts, because my old pants weren’t fitting anymore. I bought some maternity leggings, a couple maternity tops, and a belly band, which worked to keep some of my old pairs of pants up. I didn’t feel like I looked a lot different, but my jeans certainly stopped buttoning comfortably by about 9 or 10 weeks.
That’s about all I have to say about that first trimester! Nausea and tiredness….glad that’s over. Second trimester recap coming soon!